Trijicon RMR To Aimpoint ACRO Adapter

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  • Trijicon RMR To Aimpoint ACRO Adapter
  • Trijicon RMR To Aimpoint ACRO Adapter


Model: Universal

Material: 7075 (Nearly twice the strength of 6061.)

Finish: Black Hard Anodize 

Hardware: Included (Torx key/screws/loctite/instructions)

Iron Sights: The sights offered above are for Glock only and will provide a lower 1/3 co witness on slides milled .150" deep (All Glock slides from us.)

Height Differences: .150" tall model is intended for RMR cuts milled between 0 and .150" deep. (From us, that means all Glocks, M&P's, VP9/40, P320, and P-07/09.) .200" model is for RMR cuts milled .151"-.200" deep. (From us, that means all P-10'C/F/S's in which the oem rear dovetail was milled out for the RMR.) If you don't have a micrometer to check your cut depth, simply call or email whoever milled your slide and they can provide that information.

Important notes:

*As of 5-1-2022 all .150" ONLY are now compatible with the Aimpoint ACRO and Steiner MPS .200" plates are not yet updated for the MPS.

*We guarantee our plates to be true to Trijicon prints. If our plate doesn't fit your cut - we can't control that as we didn't mill your slide.

*We guarantee 100% fitment with slides milled BY US. It is your responsibly to make sure our adapter will work with someone else's RMR milling. As long as your optic was milled to spec - you shouldn't have any problems using our plate. *Our plate WILL NOT work with Brownells or Zev slides in which there are threaded posts for the optic to screw into. That is not standard as per Trijicon prints. You will incur our standard 20% restocking fee for plates returned due to not being compatible with someone else's optic milling.

*Trijicon calls for 6-32 threads, which is what we include with the adapter plate and what ALL Primary Machine RMR milling is threaded for. It's your responsibly to get the correct length/thread needed if a company didn't mill your threads the correct size.

*Depending on how deep your optic was cut and/or threads were cut by another company, you may have to trim the provided screws. (No trimming will be needed for any slide milled by us.) We will NOT be responsible for broken or stripped screws due to improper installation!


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4 Reviews

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    Works as advertised

    Posted by MJB on May 28th 2024

    So far so good! Mounted on a Shadow Systems MR920, although I had to use my altered Viper-length screws (I had used a die set to remove the shank of the screws) in order to ensure proper fit.

    I have already recommended to friends with similar setups and at least one of them has placed their order.

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    RMR to Acro

    Posted by Stuart Jolly on Mar 6th 2024

    Easy peasy lemon squeezy on the install and fit & finish. Read instructions first of loctite info on screws. I highly recommend this product.

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    Initial Impression

    Posted by Shea Grubbs on Dec 28th 2023

    FULL DISCLOSURE; I bought this right before the holidays and haven't had time to shoot with it. SO, this is only my initial impression. However, I will preface by saying that PM initially milled my slide for an RMR that I did run for over a year and had 2k+/- rounds w/ zero failures. Outstanding work and will give 5 stars on. RMR went on a new Glock and had an ACRO sitting around. I work for THE company to buy most of your OPF- I mean MOS plates from, so I am picky about plates. Ordered because I know Cody and the gang do great work.
    Specs are good, and without having the real info, I'm guessing tolerances are +/- 2thou. Nice and snug, no play, and utilizes the existing RMR lugs. Great design, quality, machining and tight tolerances. The I only thing I am still skeptical on due to no range time, is the long-term durability of 7075. Tolerances seem tight enough to keep the stress down long-term, though.

    4/5 until I get some range time.

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    A diamond in the rough

    Posted by Michael Marzan on Aug 30th 2023

    I was looking for a plate to use to attach my Acro P2 to my Matrix Arms MX19 since the gun has an RMR footprint. This company should be the top of the recommended search list. It comes with loctite applied to the screws and a star Allen key but I found the Allen key to be too large. Just an fyi. Thankfully I had my own and torqued it down using a wheeler fat wrench. So far so great, it holds true and my gun now has a P2 on its head! Shipping was fast as well!

    Thanks primary machine!!

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