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Contact us form can be found at the bottom of the page. If your question is not answered any where on the website please send an e-mail to 

*We DO NOT give order updates if your order is still within the original lead time listed on our site.*


"How does the 50/50 payment plan work?"

Select your cut and add all your options. One of the last drop down options will ask if you want to pay half now and half before your slide ships back. Select that option. That will cut your TOTAL PRICE in half. You will pay that exact amount again before your slide can ship back to you. Ship your slide (and optic if you're getting an optic cut done) and copy of email order confirmation to: 

Primary Machine

2951 Railroad Ave

Morgan City, LA 70380

When you're ready to make the final half of your payment, go to: Products > Custom Price > Final 50/50 Payment. In the description box, note your ORIGINAL order number. In the drop down, select the closest price (round DOWN) to your total. Example: You owe $198. You would select $195. Add to cart, and check out like normal. 


"Why do you charge a $20 order change fee?"

 At any given time we can have upwards of several hundred slide orders on hand. When we receive your slide, everything you send is put in it's own bin along with a physical work order form from which ALL work is done. So when an order has to be changed/added to, etc, it means someone has to stop whatever they are doing, track down the slide (which could be at any of several stops your order makes throughout our shop), and make the change to the work order form in your slides bin. It's a time consuming process and simply slows things down. 


"What do I do after I order?"

Print the email confirmation you receive and send it with your slide. You can ship any way you'd like to us, USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS. If you're shipping a complete pistol or frame YOU MUST ship UPS or Fed Ex overnight and YOU MUST select UPS Overnight as the return shipping option. Ship to:

Primary Machine

2951 Railroad Ave

Morgan City, LA 70380


"What is your current lead time?"

Cerakote and laser lead time is 5-7 business days. Slide work & cerakote is currently 4-6 weeks. Lead times does not count to and from shipping. Titanium Nitride and Titanium Diboride lead time is 3 weeks. Black nitride will add an additional 6-8 weeks.


"Can you guys cerakote my mag extensions, magwell, etc to match my slide when I send it in?"

Yep. Magwells and base pads/extensions are $20/ea. Battleworn and multicam are $30/ea. Digicam is $40/ea. This can be added to your order by going to Products/Custom Price and selecting your price & qty and putting in the description for what you need done in the description box.


"Will Cerakote wear?" 

Sure will. No finish is indestructible and cerakote is not an exception. If you're going to have the gun in and out of a holster practicing draws, etc, you can certainly expect wear around the nose area. 


"If I send in new sights with my slide can you guys install them?"

Yep. For free if you're having slide work done other than just cerakote.


"Do I need to do anything with my optic once I get my slide back from you?"

Nothing except zero it. When you get your slide and optic back from us it will already be installed, bolts loctited, etc and ready to roll.


 "Can I get one of your signature cuts without your logo on it?"




PH: 877-213-4867

Physical ship-to address:

Primary Machine

2951 Railroad Ave

Morgan City, LA 70380