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**Please do not use the contact form until you have made sure your question hasn’t been answered in the FAQ’s.**


1. What is the current lead time?

3-4 weeks. If you choose nitride, that adds an additional 4-6 weeks.


2. How do I start the process of having you mill my slide?

It’s very simple!

- Select all your options and place your order on our website just like you would anywhere else.

- Send us your slide, optic, and a copy of your order.

- You will get a confirmation email once we receive your package and enter it into our work queue.

 - From there, we’ll send you another email with tracking information when we ship your complete order back to you.


3. Do you update me along the way of how my slide is progressing through the work line?

No. We have hundreds of slides on hand at any given time. It simply isn’t possible for us to update every customer with what’s going on with their order every step of the way.


4. Do I need to disassemble my slide before I send it?

No. We disassemble and reassemble for free.


5. Do I have to send my optic with my slide?                       

Yes. We do not mill any customer slides without an optic. This allows us to ensure the best possible fit for YOUR optic. If an order is sent to us without an optic, we will contact you to have it shipped to us before any work can begin. If we cannot get in touch with you via phone or email and do not hear back within a week – your order will be cancelled, refunded minus a 20% cancellation fee, and shipped back to you.


6. Will you install new sights I send with my slide?

Yes, however, we highly recommend using ours since we have done the work to ensure the sights we offer are the correct POA/POI for your application. We will not check that the sights you send us will work for what you need. We will simply install them as sent and ship back to you. We do not charge for this service.


7. Can you mill my slide and not do any refinishing?

No. The humidity in South Louisiana is some of the highest in the country. Raw steel begins to form surface rust within hours in our climate. We will NOT ship a slide back without being refinished.


8. Do you offer bluing of just the milled area?

No. It has terrible corrosion resistance and isn’t much better than raw steel.


9. Can you Cerakote just the milled portion of my slide?

We will Cerakote just the milled portion of your slide for an additional $60. Masking off the slide from the milled area is more time consuming than simply coating the entire slide. You would pay for this on our website under Products > Custom Price.


10. Do you mill for any other optics not listed on your website?

No, we do not. Even optics that have the same footprint as something we offer. If it isn’t in our dropdown options – we do not offer services for it. If you send an optic we do not offer services for, your order will be cancelled, refunded minus a 20% cancellation fee, and shipped back to you without notice.


11. Do you mill for any other slides that are not listed on your website?

No, we do not.


12. What do I need to include when I ship my slide to you for milling?

- Your slide.

- Your optic.

- A copy of your order.


13. Do you offer trigger work?



14. Do you offer stippling?



15. How should I ship my order to you?

You can ship to using any carrier you want. We HIGHLY recommend that you have the package insured to us, as well us back to you from us. You can add insurance for your order here.



PH: 877-213-4867

Physical ship-to address:

Primary Machine

2951 Railroad Ave

Morgan City, LA 70380