What does match grade mean to us?

“Match Grade”. A term we all see thrown around the firearm industry so much. Unfortunately for most, it has become nothing more than a marketing gimmick with no real meaning behind it. But to some of us, it means a great deal. So what does the term match grade mean to us in regards to our match barrels?

From day one, we knew that if Primary Machine was going to put it’s logo on a barrel, it had to do everything we said it would. In terms of a match barrel, that meant it had to be more accurate than an OEM barrel to at least some extent. (And in the end, ransom rest testing showed that we cut group sizes in HALF with our CZ P-10C barrel over the OEM P-10C offering.)

So what did it take to get there? More than we ever could have imagined. Thousands of dollars in new tooling and measuring tools, material in R&D, hundreds of man hours in testing, over 9,000 rounds of ammo in testing…the list goes on and on. But in the end…it was all so worth it. Not only can we say our barrels are made in house, which is something 90% of barrel companies in the industry can’t say (or will never admit) – they are flat out amazing shooters! Every single dimension on our barrels is within .0005” or better. From start to finish, our barrels must make it through over a dozen quality control processes before they can make it to you. These tolerances and QC measures are something that only the elite few manufacturers in the industry can brag about (and mean it). Plain and simple. If you just want a pretty barrel that will flop into your slide and look nice for Instagram, you’re looking in the wrong place. For us, performance comes first.

So what does match grade mean to Primary Machine? Everything. We want to make it clear that parts which bear the Primary Machine logo are not a gimmick and that what we say they do - they do. And we will stand behind those claims 100%. 

Sep 17th 2018 Bruce

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