CZ P-10F Match Grade Barrel 9MM

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Model: CZ P-10F

Chamber: 9MM (9X19) - Hand Honed & Polished

Material: 416R Stainless

Twist: 1/10

Rifling: Advanced Button Rifled

Threaded Model: 1/2-28 

Non Threaded Model: Flush Cut & Deep Crown 

Thread Protector: Contoured For Added Grip & Relieved For Internal O Ring
(Included) To Help Prevent Loosening - Thread protector included with threaded model.

Finishes: Titanium Nitride (Gold) or Black DLC

Notes:  Barrels will drop into 99% of slides. These are true match barrels, which means that there is a chance 

it may require minor fitting. We will fit your barrel to your slide free of charge if your slide falls into this category. 

Simply email us and let us know you're sending the slide and barrel to us for fitting. *We highly recommend a 300 

round break in before deciding the barrel needs to be hand fit as in most cases the barrel will break in on it's own! 

If this is not a chance you're willing to take, you're not ready to buy a true match grade barrel and we do not 

recommend you buy one of our barrels.



Our barrels are CNC machined in house to better than OEM tolerances. Every barrel is checked to be within our tolerances numerous times in the machining process and once again during final inspection after coating. We have invested hundreds of hours of research, testing, and in brand new equipment to ensure that the quality of these barrels leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. We have tested these barrels with absolutely every brand, weight, and type of ammunition commercially available. Chambers are CNC machined to SAAMI spec. Feed ramps have been enhanced for more reliable feeding.

Returns will not be accepted on fired barrels.

*Threaded pistol barrels are NOT legal in all states. It is up to YOU to ensure that you are following the law(s) in your state.

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24 Reviews

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    Match Grade Barrel, TiN Gold

    Posted by Leland Higaki on Jun 25th 2024

    I’m always looking for upgrades for my guns, so I went on the hunt for items I could add to my P-10F OR SR. I actually stumbled upon PM quite by accident but so glad I did! I ordered the threaded TiN Gold barrel because they were out of the black nitride barrels. Wasn’t sure about a gold barrel but when I got it in my hands I was again “glad I did.” I also got the Stealth comp and the fluted guide rod. The guide rod is the TiN Gold one, to match the barrel. Of course, the rod isn’t really noticeable but PM doesn’t have you pay extra $$$ for the gold color, unlike most other companies. I haven’t had a chance to fire my completed pistol yet; working on some Delrin blocks for my Ransom Rest. The game plan is to use the original factory barrel, then add the comp, then the PM match barrel, with and without the comp. The other reviewers have already said it all so I can’t really add anything at this time. Craftsmanship, clean matching contours, fast delivery; everything is very much as others have said. But I did really enjoy the reviewer who said it best, stop reading the reviews and get one!!! You’ll be so glad you did!! Kudos PM!

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    Match Barrel

    Posted by Chuck Hain on Jun 6th 2024

    Very impressive!!! I have been hesitant in purchasing this slide as I felt that my accuracy was above average, this barrel has shown me that there is always room for improvement. Saving up for my P07 next. Well done Primary machine!

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    P10F threaded barrel

    Posted by John on Nov 5th 2023

    After watching the you tube video I decided to buy the threaded P10F barrel. I ordered on a thursday and received it on Monday. No tax No shipping. The barrel fit absolutely perfect. I decided to test the accuracy for myself. At 15 yards from a bench with Remington 115 grain range ammo. I fired 5 shots from my factory barrel with a group of 1.9 inches. The new threaded barrel grouped .55 inches, it was one ragged hole. Very impressive! I shoot reloads and czs are finicky about cartridge length.These barrels are manufactured to saami specifications and have the larger chamber throat/leade than the original cz barrels. Considering the cost of ammo it makes sense to me to shoot a quality barrel

  • 5
    Great barrel!

    Posted by Dan Halvorsen on Apr 1st 2023

    It fit perfectly, looks great! Shoots like a dream. Great barrel.

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    P10F Match Grade Barrel

    Posted by Eric R on Mar 14th 2022

    Order shipped the day it was received, arrived on schedule and in excellent condition. Barrel fit perfectly…zero fit issues. Machine work was perfect.

    Just returned from initial range trip. Put a couple hundred steel case rounds through and was getting progressively tighter groups as I went. Ended off with several mags of the 124gr I shoot IDPA with. Groups were excellent. Looking forward to upcoming match to give it a real test.

  • 5
    Barrel Upgrade

    Posted by Scott Monroe on Feb 22nd 2022

    The short answer is I’m very impressed.
    The long answer is these people know what they are doing and saying so we customers may trust what they produce and claim.
    I’ve been reluctant for quite awhile to spend that much money to ‘maybe’ improve my groups and long distance shots, I should not have waited. What a positive difference PM’s barrel has made.
    As they cautioned, the new barrel was not going to ‘drop in’ as my old barrel did, but another a hundred rounds or so it is now part of the Team. And to top it off the gold looks way cool!
    Am I a happy customer, will I be a return customer, yes.
    Don’t hesitate, order it, you wont regret it.
    Scott Monroe

  • 5
    P-10F non-threaded match barrel

    Posted by Joe Lynch on Oct 29th 2021

    After excellent results at 100 yards, I got to try 200 yards with the new barrel. Here is a video showing the first 25 shots at 200, with the two best (sub-8") sequential five shot groups.

  • 5
    P-10F non-threaded match barrel

    Posted by Joe Lynch on Oct 5th 2021

    My factory barrel had some rough machining in the grooves and was inconsistent in accuracy between cleanings. I replaced it with a Primary Machine barrel. Here is a video of my second range trip at 100 yards (my specialty).

  • 5

    Posted by Juan Cisneros on Aug 2nd 2021

    Up until now, the most mechanically accurate striker gun I have or have shot has been my VP9L. This barrel allows my P10F to match that gun. Its accuracy is absolutely outstanding. I shot a few different loads through it, and it didn't matter. I shot SB 124's, Troy 124's, and Some 147 subs (reloads) by A Squared Armament. The gun didn't care much. The reloads were only ever so slightly less accurate. I shot all of this off a Caldwell Pistolero rest while seated in order to get the best accuracy possible as well as to zero my red dot. The stock barrel is acceptable, but this blows it out of the water. Mine dropped right in, no problems. If you're on the fence, just buy it. You won't regret it.

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