CZ P-10C Match Grade Barrel 9MM

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  • CZ P-10C Match Grade Barrel 9MM
  • CZ P-10C Match Grade Barrel 9MM
  • CZ P-10C Match Grade Barrel 9MM
  • CZ P-10C Match Grade Barrel 9MM
  • CZ P-10C Match Grade Barrel 9MM
  • CZ P-10C Match Grade Barrel 9MM
  • CZ P-10C Match Grade Barrel 9MM
  • CZ P-10C Match Grade Barrel 9MM
  • CZ P-10C Match Grade Barrel 9MM
  • CZ P-10C Match Grade Barrel 9MM


Model: CZ P-10C

Chamber: 9MM (9X19) - Hand Honed & Polished

Material: 416R Stainless

Twist: 1/10

Rifling: Advanced Button Rifled

Threaded Model: 1/2-28 Threads

Non Threaded Model:

Thread Protector: Contoured For Added Grip & Relieved For Internal O Ring
(Included) To Help Prevent Loosening - Thread Protector Included On Threaded Models 

Finishes: Titanium Nitride (Gold) or Black Nitride

Notes:  Barrels will drop into 99% of slides. These are true match barrels, which means that there is a chance 

it may require minor fitting. We will fit your barrel to your slide free of charge if your slide falls into this category. 

Simply email us and let us know you're sending the slide and barrel to us for fitting. *We highly recommend a 300 

round break in before deciding the barrel needs to be hand fit as in most cases the barrel will break in on it's own! 

If this is not a chance you're willing to take, you're not ready to buy a true match grade barrel and we do not 

recommend you buy one of our barrels.



Our barrels are CNC machined in house to better than OEM tolerances. Every barrel is checked to be within our tolerances numerous times in the machining process and once again during final inspection after coating. We have invested hundreds of hours of research, testing, and in brand new equipment to ensure that the quality of these barrels leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. We have tested these barrels with absolutely every brand, weight, and type of ammunition commercially available. Chambers are CNC machined to SAAMI spec. Feed ramps have been enhanced for more reliable feeding.

Returns will not be accepted on fired barrels.

*Threaded pistol barrels are NOT legal in all states. It is up to YOU to ensure that you are following the law(s) in your state.

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13 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by on Oct 2nd 2019


  • 5
    P10C Match Grade Barrel

    Posted by Scotty on Sep 9th 2019

    Stunned. This barrel lives up to the hype. I cut my groups in half and couldn’t be happier, you’ll be getting all my business.

  • 5

    Posted by Kenton on May 23rd 2019

    I own two of these and one non threaded. Absolutely worth the cash. Squeeze all the accuracy you can get out of your p10, order this, you can't go wrong.

  • 5
    A+ quality

    Posted by Jake on May 11th 2019

    I purchased back in September, paired with a stealth comp this barrel has significantly tighter groups with every ammo I've tested when compared to the oem barrel. I have roughly 1500rds through it so far and the finish is holding up great. After adding an adjustable trigger and non captive guide rod it's the best shooting striker fired pistol in my collection. Can't recommend this barrel and company enough. Would give 6 stars if I could.

  • 5
    Match grade barrel threaded

    Posted by Jayk on Dec 8th 2018

    After putting 400 rounds through this barrel I have to say I am extremely impressed. The titanium Nitride or I like to call it gold finish held up very well minor blemishes after some use but this is expected due to actually using the gun and that happens with all finishes. I have noticed that my groups are much tighter than before and I have also noticed that when ejecting it is slightly more consistent on angle of throw for those who notice that stuff. I am very pleased with the barrel and suggest it to anyone looking to take there cz p10 to the next level

  • 5
    P10 barrel

    Posted by Lucas Duyck on Dec 4th 2018

    This is a fantastic barrel looks great and functions flawlessly.

  • 5
    Match barrel

    Posted by Barry jacobsen on Sep 22nd 2018

    With this barrel i shot better at yearly qualification than ever before.

  • 5
    P10c match barrel

    Posted by Corey Boyd on Sep 18th 2018

    Excellent accuracy from this barrel. Fit and finish is great as well

  • 5
    CZ P10c threaded barrel

    Posted by Joe on Sep 17th 2018

    I would like to thank the people at Primary Machining for an excellent job on their bainrrels for the CZ P10c. The workmanship is top notch and beautiful.  The fitting to my handgun was nice and tight.  I thought it would be hard to beat the accuracy I was already getting with the OEM barrel.  I decided to test this on my duty gun.  I started with and accuracy test at 30 ft due to a tight work schedule.  In my testing, I fired 9 different types of ammunition.

    I fired two 5 round groups with each ammunition.

    Ammo with results:

    -Hornady critical defense 135 grn flexlock jhp- ragged hole

    -Gold Dot 115 gen jhp-  ragged hole

    -Gold Dot 124 grn jhp- ragged hole

    -Winchester Personal Defense 147 grn jhp- little less than 1 inch group

    -Winchester Personal Defense 147 grn fmj- little less than 1 inch group

    -Remington UMC 124 grn fmj- ragged hole

    -Aguila 124 grn fmj- ragged hole

    -Federal Brass 115 grn fmj rn- ragged hole

    -Federal Personal Defense HST 147 grn jhp- little less than 1 inch group

    All rounds were fired from a seated sandbag rest position. No malfunctions occurred with any of the above ammunitions used. The barrel was cleaned and oiled before testing. I also cycled the barrel on the handgun approximately 200 times to simulate a break in period. Very little shift in POA (left and low by about 1/4 inch), but this could be my shooting.

    I will be looking at doing more testing at 25 yards as my job schedule allows.

    Thanks for an excellent product and customer service.


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