Shattered Gear P-10C Barrels

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Shattered Gear barrels are our way of designating blemished and T&E barrels. These barrels will have laser engraving of a broken gear on the opposite side of the barrel. It CANNOT be seen when the barrel is installed and is simply our way of designating blemished and T&E barrels. 

*ALL blemished and T&E barrels are sold as is and we absolutely do NOT accept returns on them. Blemishes are purely cosmetic and in no way compromise the performance of the barrel. Blemishes include one or more of the following: coating imperfections, dings, nicks, etc.

T&E barrels will show signs of wear. These are barrels we randomly pull from batches to test fire. They typically have about 200-300 rounds through them. Again, none of the blemishes affect the performance of the barrel and they are sold AS IS with no returns. 


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