Blemished P-10/07/09 Barrels

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  • Blemished P-10/07/09 Barrels
  • Blemished P-10/07/09 Barrels


Shattered Gear barrels are our way of designating blemished barrels. These barrels will have laser engraving of our logo broken on the opposite side of the barrel that cannot be seen when it is installed. Again - it CANNOT be seen when the barrel is installed. Picture shows examples of blemishes. 

*ALL blemished barrels are sold as is and we absolutely do NOT accept returns on them. Blemishes are purely cosmetic and in no way compromise the performance of the barrel. Blemishes include one or more of the following: coating imperfections, dings, nicks, scratches, etc. 99% of people will not be able to pick out what's blemished on most of these barrels. 

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5 Reviews

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    Blem P-10C Barrel

    Posted by Enoch on May 14th 2019

    Amazing barrel, noticeably tighter groups. After breaking in the barrel, cosmetic blems become a moot point. Recommend 10/10

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    Blemished barrel

    Posted by Chris on Apr 30th 2019

    At first I was really hesitant to buy a blemished barrel. I am the type of person that will pay extra just for the peace of mind. But Primary machine has a great reputation so I figured I 'd try it. I'm impressed. The barrel looks amazing. I could see the blemish but it was very small and really just looked like a normal mark you would get after firing a few hundred rounds through it. I haven't had the chance to get to the range yet so I'm excited for that. Overall I am very happy with this barrel. It's a little tight in the slide but it dropped in without any real effort. Next up is a new guide rod.

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    P10c awesomeness

    Posted by John on Apr 27th 2019

    These are made to be used and used hard who cares about a couple of scratches. Nothing but fantastic customer service and great craftsmanship

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    Great product

    Posted by Tyler Blake on Apr 27th 2019

    The barrel is nearly perfect there is a tiny scratch about 1/8 of an inch long on the underside of the barrel. Excellent condition for a "blemished" product.

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    Amazing barrel with no visible flaws....

    Posted by Soupy on Oct 22nd 2018

    I bought a black nitride threaded barrel and expected a visible defect... but I can't find one.
    Now that I have 500 rounds through it it has it's own wear to show that it is being used.
    Accuracy is staggering (compared to OEM barrel) with CCI 115 Blazer and standard iron sights.

    A threaded match barrel for my P-09 would be even better...but I understand that there is less demand.
    Grab a premium barrel at a great price and push your skills further.

    Thanks to all at Primary Machine for the work that went into these amazing barrels.

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